法律通知 & 隐私政策






cookie或跟踪器是一种小文件,记录网站或相关应用程序的访问和活动. 一般, 它们被连接到移动设备或网络浏览器上, 并使网站和应用程序编辑能够收集关于他们的产品如何被使用的定量和定性的见解. 这个活动, 被跟踪, is crucial to the constant improvement of products and services on the Internet, 包括功能, 可用性, 和个性化.

This policy concerns all trackers set up and read when, 例如, 用户浏览网站, 读电子邮件, 或者在任何设备上安装软件或移动应用程序, 包括电脑, 智能手机, 电子阅读器, 或者连接视频游戏机.

“Cookies” can refer to any of the following (non-exhaustive list):

  • HTTP和flash cookie;
  • 指纹技术的结果(指纹计算一个唯一的设备ID使用其配置信息, 用于跟踪);
  • 看不见的像素或网络臭虫;
  • Any other ID generated by software or operating systems.


2021正规买球app排行为什么要使用cookie ?

2021正规买球app排行(55)可能使用cookies收集访问2021正规买球app排行网站的用户(您)的浏览数据, 改善您的浏览体验. Cookies and trackers are also used to better target our advertising on partner sites, 衡量2021正规买球app排行广告的表现.

2021正规买球app排行收集的数据是完全匿名的, and used only for performance analysis and targeted advertising, or, 有时, 测试新的广告或营销技术. 在最后一个例子中, 数据从未用于商业手段,测试期结束后立即删除.


2021正规买球app排行要储存饼干多久 ?

2021正规买球app排行储存饼干13个月, 按照国家信息委员会和Libertés的建议, 法国在这个问题上的权威, regarding the valid length of time for consent for cookie storing. After this time, consent must be re-obtained before cookies can be used again.


How can I control which cookies are set up on my devices?


  • 此网站的Cookie设置

这些设置可在您第一次访问该站点时显示的信息和设置弹出窗口中使用, but you can access it at any time while navigating our site by clicking on “Cookies” tab, 在任何一页的底部.

  • 在浏览器级别设置cookie

You can configure your cookie settings on your browser, 为所有访问的网站选择一个选项,或有选择地取决于cookies来自哪里.

You can also re-configure your browser so that it asks you about cookies periodically, 在您的设备上存储cookie之前.


How can I control my cookie settings depending on my browser?

Each browser moderates cookies and your cookie settings differently. The cookie configuration is described in your browser’s help menu, which will explain how you can update your cookie settings.



If you want more information about cookies, please read ICO网站上的专门部分.





Respecting user privacy is a top priority for FIFTY-FIVE. We agree to abide by the amended Act N°78-17 of 6 January 1978, 与数据处理有关, 文件、个人自由和隐私, 以及2016年4月27日第2016/679号法规, 有关资料保护.

本隐私政策仅适用于处理直接从以下网站及其潜在子域名收集的数据:www.55.com, www.55.co.uk, www.55.hk, www.55.us, www.55.fr.


作为法律实体的客户的数据处理由直接与这些实体签署的单独协议进行监管, 而本隐私政策并不适用.



FIFTY-FIVE is responsible for data processing for data collected through its website, blog, forms, 或者它在社交媒体上的账号.

55的2021正规买球app排行是:55 SAS, 5 d 'Athenes街, 75009年的巴黎, 法国-电话:+33 1 76 21 91 37




可以写信给这位官员 DPO@55.com.



符合2016年4月27日关于数据保护的欧盟法规2016/679第4条第1款, ‘personal data’ means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (‘data subject’); an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, 直接或间接, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, 一个身份证号码, 位置数据, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, 生理, genetic, mental, economic, 自然人的文化或社会身份.

We (FIFTY-FIVE) might collect your personal data or receive data from you, 通过2021正规买球app排行的网站, blogs, 在线表单, 或者55在社交网络上的页面. 这些数据可能包括:你的姓和名, 电子邮件地址, 电话号码, and information about your company or information from a public comment.

You share this personal data directly with FIFTY-FIVE when, 例如, 使用在线表格发送信息请求. In other cases, we collect data using cookies to understand how you use our sites. Our cookies policy is defined in a document separate to this Privacy Policy.

2021正规买球app排行使用在线表格收集您的数据时, we use asterisks to indicate which data is necessary to processing your request. 通常这意味着你的姓名和电子邮件地址. You must complete the indicated fields in order for us to fulfil your request.


What are the purposes of processing and/or the use of your personal data?



  • 回应您的联系请求
  • 商业预期
  • 活动组织

Processing based on legitimate interest pursued by FIFTY-FIVE:

  • 统计分析



We may share your personal information with our parent company, 品牌科技集团有限公司, 2021正规买球app排行最终的父母, Brandtech集团有限责任公司, 或2021正规买球app排行的任何其他附属公司和集团公司-为管理2021正规买球app排行的客户联系数据库的目的和, 潜在的, 让您与2021正规买球app排行集团的公司取得联系,您可能对其产品或服务感兴趣.

FIFTY-FIVE shares collected data with its marketing and customer service departments. 数据只会用于这些目的.


  • 2021正规买球app排行的网络主机
  • 营销分包商开发和管理2021正规买球app排行的网站和联系形式或组织2021正规买球app排行的广告活动(e.g. 电子邮件活动)

We do not share your personal data with any other third parties, except if we are legally obliged to do so or upon demand of the authorities (e.g. 法律部门). We never share your personal data with our partners without your consent.



Under section e of Article 5 of Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, 55将资料保存在容许识别资料当事人的表格内,其保存时间不得超过处理个人资料的目的所需要的时间.


Client data is stored for 3 years from the end of the contractual relationship.

法律要求的数据按照现行法律(特别是但不完全是法国商业法典中的法律)存储, 民法, 和消费者代码).



2021正规买球app排行在欧盟内部处理数据,2021正规买球app排行不会将您的数据转移到位于欧盟以外的任何实体, with the exception of our own offices located beyond the EU when required by processing (e.g. to respond to a request for contact from an expert based in China). 在任何情况下, 这些类型的加工将有以下所述的保证(来自欧盟委员会的合同条款).

However, 某些接收您个人数据的技术分包商可能位于欧洲经济区以外, 比如美国的谷歌.

因此, 可能是处理个人数据的国家中没有提供充足的个人数据保护监管中定义(欧盟)2016/679的欧洲议会和理事会2016年4月27日保护自然人的个人数据的处理和等自由流动的数据.

55要求为您的个人数据提供与欧洲境内所有适用法律法规要求的同等水平的保护, 从而确保分包商受到与欧盟委员会条款类似的条款的约束, or bound by binding corporate rules within their international group, and have been thus authorised by a data protection regulatory authority in the EU. 否则, 分包商必须在其公司内认可同等保护水平的任何程序中注册(如美国的Privacy Shield)。.



Any individual whose personal data is processed shall have the right to access, rectify, erase, oppose, 或者限制他或她的数据处理, in accordance with Article 15 and following of Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, withdrawal of consent if processing is based on the preceding, 以及根据经修订的1971年1月6日关于信息技术的第78-17号法案第40-1条定义死后指令的权利, 数据文件和公民自由. An individual may also exercise his or her right to personal data portability.

These rights can be exercised by contacting FIFTY-FIVE directly.

遵守法律, 你的请求必须被签署,你必须包括一个官方身份的复印件,你的签名,以及地址的回应应该被发送到.

You also have the right to appeal to your local regulatory authority.

你可以书面联系55 SAS, 5 d 'Athenes街, 75009年的巴黎, France, 或通过电子邮件:contact [at] 55 [dot] com.





本法律声明仅适用于2021正规买球app排行网站的本地版本,网址如下:www.55.com, www.55.co.uk, www.55.hk, www.55.us, www.55.fr.



  • 55 SAS – RCS Paris : 518 864 848 – VAT number: FR 54518864848
  • 总部地址:法国巴黎75 009号,'Athènes
  • 电话:+33 1 76 21 91 37
  • 邮箱:[at] 55 [dot] com
  • 公司股本:23104欧元
  • 主编:垫Carduner
  • Concept & 设计:55 & Maggle
  • 快速发展:法国


  • www.55.com, www.55.co.uk, www.55.hk, www.55.fr: OVH SAS, 2 rue Kellermann, 59100 Roubaix – téléphone : +33 9 72 37 97 74
  • www.55.美国:Rackspace, 1 Fanatical Place, City of Windcrest, San Antonio, TX 78218,美国



Access to and use of this site are reserved to a strictly professional basis. 您同意不将本网站及其信息或任何相关数据用于商业用途, 政治, 或者广告手段, 或任何形式的商业招揽, 特别是发送不想要的电子邮件.



所有品牌, 照片, text, comments, 插图, 动画和非动画图像, 视频序列, audio, and all technological applications that might be used to make this site work, and more generally all elements reproduced or used on the site, 受知识产权法保护吗.

They are the full and exclusive property of FIFTY-FIVE (the publisher) or of its partners. 任何复制, 表示, 使用或适应, 任何形式的, 全部或部分这些元素的, 包括技术应用程序, 未经2021正规买球app排行事先书面同意, 是严格禁止的.



For proper site management, FIFTY-FIVE may at any time:

  • Suspend, 中断, 或限制访问全部或部分网站, 保留进入网站全部或部分的权限, 对特定类别的用户;
  • 删除任何可能破坏国家或国际法的功能或违反国家或国际法的资料, 或针对网络礼节;
  • 暂停站点以进行更新



55不能对失败负责, 中断, 困难, or dysfunction preventing site access or disrupting one or more functions.

The device(s) you use to connect to the site is your own responsibility. 您必须采取一切适当的措施来保护您的设备和数据免受病毒式网络攻击和其他危险. 您必须对您所查阅的数据负责.



您可以使用超链接指向网站的全部或部分, as long as the sites where the links are placed are non-discriminatory or libellous, 不要助长仇恨 . However, we reserve the right to refuse authorisation without justification. 链接必须在2021正规买球app排行的要求下删除.

Any information available from a link to another site is not under FIFTY-FIVE’s control. 55不对这些网站的内容负责.




Photo & illustration credits: Mats Carduner, Maggle, Adobe Stock & Unsplash



这些使用条件, 无论何种版本(法语或其他)均受法国法律管辖,并受巴黎法院系统管辖, subject to a specific jurisdiction attribution due to a particular law or regulation, 或者从当地的公共政策规则.